Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Arlington WA Patient Testimonial

“I was in an automobile accident in November and was in very severe pain.  All I’d tried before were muscle relaxers.  I never thought I’d feel better but after several months of chiropractic treatment I am! I’m really having a good impression of it’s relief benefits.”

- Janette S.

Chiropractic Arlington WA Deb Patient Testimonial

Deb has been a patient in this office since 2017 and her son Justin has been a patient since the fall of 2020.  They both have suffered with neck and back tightness and pain.

“I have always liked the results of chiropractic care.  I feel better, my health is improving and my ease of movement is increased!”

- Deb & Justin

Chiropractic Arlington WA Patient Testimonial

“I previously had regular chiropractic care growing up, but I let life get in the way.  Over the last 10 years my misaligned spine caused me to have poor posture and back pain.  Anything I used only gave brief relief, but after 2 months of consistent treatment not only has my pain nearly been erased, but I’ve noticed my natural posture is straitening and my general disposition has improved! I feel as if I was living with a dark cloud over my head but I didn’t realize it until I had gotten chiropractic care from Ronning Chiropractic. Now I feel like the sun is shining every day!”

- Jenna W.

Chiropractic Arlington WA Patient Testimonial

“After 18 years of not being able to touch my lower back, I was ready for a change.  I found the Dr and staff to be very welcoming, informative, warm, inviting and knowledgeable.  After 18 years of lower back pain and hypersensitivity I am able to not only touch my lower back, but the pain is gone and I can move freely.  It only took 3 visits! I have and will always recommend Ronning Chiropractic since my first visit.  I am beyond thankful, they have given me back my life.”

- Amber H.

Chiropractic Arlington WA Becky P - Testimonial

"I decided to try chiropractic because I have had pain and numbness in my lower back off and on since childbirth. At times it can become severe. I have tried several medications. Dr. Ronning recommended exercises, massage therapy, proper sleeping positions and adequate diet. After two months, I am more flexible than I’ve been in years. The numbness in my left foot is gone.

I have more energy and a better attitude. Coming to Ronning Chiropractic every week is like coming home! I feel very relaxed and comfortable here and I continue to benefit from the care, feeling I now have a new lease on life! Thanks Dr. Ronning and Rebekah!"

- Becky P.

Chiropractic Arlington WA Melissa M - Testimonial

"When I first began seeking chiropractic care, low back pain led me to come in. It was very severe until I started getting care at Ronning Chiropractic. I am very happy with Dr. Ronning."

- Melissa M.

Chiropractic Arlington WA Tina R - Testimonial

"I first came into the office due to back and neck stiffness and pain. I was taking medications at the time and had a problem with Delvacet where I had to keep taking higher doses with little to no results. I am pleased with my results from chiropractic care. I can sleep better and believe it could have helped me with getting pregnant! Chiropractic is great!"

- Tina R.

Chiropractic Arlington WA Kaleb C - Testimonial

"I came into the office due to mild low back pain that lasted about 3 years. My first impressions of Ronning Chiropractic and Dr. Ronning were good. Over a few months of getting adjusted, back pain lessened to almost none. I feel good about chiropractic now and wish I would have started sooner!"

- Kaleb C.

Chiropractic Arlington WA Teresa K - Testimonial

"I came to see Dr. Ronning because I had severe neck and lower back pain. Dr. Ronning’s approach and down-to-Earth attitude is great. I was back to normal within three months. He has a real concern for my situation. I love chiropractic and would recommend it to anyone."

- Teresa K.

Chiropractic Arlington WA Sasha L - Testimonial

"I came in for chiropractic care as a result of injuries incurred from an automobile accident. Car accidents take time to heal from. Near the end of treatment, I had to start taking Tramdoe for pain and had a large fear of addiction. I am a true believer that chiropractic works and there are great benefits from it."

- Sasha L.

Chiropractic Arlington WA Ken R - Testimonial

"When I first came to Ronning Chiropractic, my back felt like a knife was stabbing me in the low back. This pain had been for me approximately for one year. My impression with this office is that they are very knowledgeable and informative, just the way I like it. After x-rays and an examination, I received adjustments and exercises for my back.

My results were better than I thought they would be and I think that chiropractic is absolutely the way to go for good health! Thanks for helping me improve the lost disc space in my lower back! In my opinion, this constitutes a miracle!"

- Ken R.

Chiropractic Arlington WA Robert W - Testimonial

"I came to Dr. Ronning’s office with daily lower and mid back pain. After several months, I decided to try chiropractic. My condition was explained to me very well and I began weekly visits. Since beginning care, I have experienced a significant improvement to my low back pain and sleeping better. I have lost approximately 120 pounds of weight. I love the feel after a visit and it has helped my life."

- Robert W.

"I came into the office for hip pain, which was misdiagnosed and previous treatment that I had received gave no results. Maintenance keeps the pain away and for my son's migraines and asthma. I am a believer in chiropractic!"

- Shelly B.

"When I first came into the office, I was suffering from knee pain since I was 16, back pain for about 15 years and foot pain for about 3 years before turning to chiropractic. My first impressions of the clinic were that I liked it! Dr. Ronning takes time with his patients and is very friendly and caring. His staff is nice and helpful. Since being under chiropractic care, I feel a lot better in the back. I like chiropractic, know that it's helping me, and plan to keep seeing Dr. Ronning!"

- Leah P.

"I had back and neck pain for a long time and it was pretty severe before coming in for chiropractic care. The only treatment that I had previously was pain killers. I feel much better and like chiropractic."

- Lisa W.

"I injured my low back in a work injury and came in for chiropractic care as a result. I had low back pain and right leg numbness. Over the course of my care, I feel that it's getting better. I like chiropractic."

- Lyn V.

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