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Our Arlington chiropractor uses top tier techniques like the Activator Method to help patients. The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is a gentle, low-force approach. The technique has been used safely on patients of all ages, bringing relief to people with a variety of health concerns.

Incorporating the latest advances in orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examinations, this unique system of administering spinal adjustments using research-based analysis and the Activator Adjusting Instrument can help restore spinal balance safely and comfortably.

Arthrostim Adjustor

We use a special instrument called an Arthrostim Adjustor to adjust your spine. It is unique because it produces rapid thrusts at a rate of 12 times per second (frequency known as 'the low beta somatomotor rhythm'). This creates specific adjustive energy (force) and a barrage of afferent/information that the nervous system can use to modify dysfunctional patterns. It capitalizes on the natural feedback cycle, which the nervous system uses to organize itself. The rapid thrust activates the patient's proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors without affecting the pain receptors. By utilizing the same mechanisms that the nervous system uses to control body biomechanics, corrections can be achieved using reduced force.'

Arthrostim Adjustor in Use

The Arthrostim Adjustor is especially useful on those patients who have brittle bones (osteoporosis) or are experiencing significant pain. Children and others who are apprehensive can benefit where a light and gentle thrust is indicated.

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